Welcome to the Home Owners & Buyers Association website.  HOBANZ is an emerging organisation established to represent the interest of New Zealand’s current and future home owners and to be the trusted source for information and guidance in all areas associated with buying, selling, maintaining and owning a home.

We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation free from commercial or political influence.  Although our membership base is currently small it is growing quickly and it is our members and their issues that drive the direction of the organisation and the things we focus on.

HOBANZ provides a range of services to assist home owners in need.

We help owners of single dwellings and multi unit complexes to deal with their leaky and defective homes, we assist owners to plan and execute building projects, whether they be repairs, renovations, additions or even new builds, we provide advice and guidance to people buying and selling homes and those living in bodies corporate, and we have an increasing pool of trusted providers we can put owners in touch with to assist them to deal with issues related to their homes.

Our objective is to create a fair and ethical community where people are accountable for their actions and where the focus is on long term outcomes as opposed to short term gain.

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